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Today was a normal regular day like any other, as I look out my window, leaves as bright as the sun shined brightly on hidden bushes, as I look outside my glass stained window. It was more brighter and beautiful like the sprouting flowers going through colors and colors through the garden outside. You could even hear the repeated noise of the heater as you got closer and closer to it. I had stopped looking out of the window in the normal view that I was enjoying and instead got out of my window looking position and started rummaging through my wardrobe looking for some jeans and a white shirt outfit to go with the bright day. I go through colors bright and dark looking for the outfit until I finally spotted the folded jeans with the white shirt. I then go to the restroom to get my business out of the way and to start brushing my teeth, after doing everything in the restroom i then get my white slippers that honestly remind me of a bright white moon, after taking a stare at my slippers i rushed down stairs in a hurry.

My dad greets me as always every morning. “Morning Mari, how did you sleep?” He says looking down at the floor sadly with no contact. “Oh, I slept absolutely great father, and why the long face for you father?” I asked quietly, “Mari I am suffering from a bad cold which means I cannot finish up the work I had planned for today..” Father says in a low tone then having a loud cough after.

Simpson 1

Fathers face takes away the smile of the brightness outside and it gets awfully quiet and sad around the whole house making the house seem gray as if a dark cloud flashed right passed the sun. My father had made a long sigh and had gotten out of his seat to get his morning coffee, he had looked so heart broken for some reason I don't know why he would be this sad to miss day of his job, my father looked so sad, so sad to the point where are house got quiet all of a sudden. While my father was still getting his beverage I took a seat besides the seat my father was laying in before he got out of his seat. I put my face in a serious thinking face trying to think about the problem my dad was struggling with I seriously really had to think of an idea to help father not look so sick and sad from just a job, and besides it was a bright beautiful day and I couldn't stand to see father get so sad over this. I had thought long and hard about the situation over and over again until I finally realized fathers key to happiness might have been getting his work done on time and helping him feel like he's cared for.
My eyes had went big because of the thought and it really started to make me happy how I could really help him. I got up out of the seat I was sitting in and rushed to the kitchen, I had stood beside my father then got his attention quickly. “Father,Father!” I yelled and jumped as if my head was falling off, “I think I could help you somehow with your job situation!” As I said out of breath.

Simpson 2

I had yelled but not as loud as before, father looked at me crazy with his eyes almost looking as if they were going to bulge out of his head. “Mari, dear, what problem situation, dear I have no problem at all with staying home, yes extra hard delivery work but hey i'll be alright dear.” Father did not understand my point, “Father I could help you get your job work done so that way you don't have to deal with any situations after your sick, this could really help you alot and this could be something I pay you with to receive your happiness in the end.” Father laughed at my cheesy but serious statement, but then again what if I couldn't help him that's when my heart began to beat so hard I thought it was going to beat out of my chest, to be honest if my Father was sad it meant that I had to help cause I cared that may sound cheesy to him but it is true.

“Ok dear, I guess you can help me with at least one of my tasks.” He had replied with a bright smile that eventually brighten up the room again, Father had then said he'd make pancakes for me but I decided to make them..for germ reasons. Father had told me to get my coat on and my sneaker’s after I was finished with my breakfast.
After I was done Father and I had decided to get ready and leave,we hopped in our vehicle and Father had drove off, when we were finally in the car I got to see those bright shining trees shining in the back of out house the trees were tall and very slender and they were more pretty in the sun just like dads smile. While we Father was driving he went over some of the things about his job,he mentioned a girl-robot named Char, a friendly robot that dad worked with for half of his time at his job. I got excited a little, mainly cause I would be meeting a robot and being friends with a robot for awhile. Before I had even knew it me and Father were at his job, but the building was the best part and yes I have seen it before but every time I looked at it I saw not a job but a mall and a shopping center dad job looked great and huge honestly I don't think factories would be in a building so beautiful that even the plants around it were still living.

Simpson 3

My father parked the car in a ok parking space and we both walked to the building.
Inside was a gray desk with an old lady sitting in a black chair she had the brightest smile when she saw me and Father. “Good morning Mrs.Mint I am here to-”, Father coughs loud and ugly and it honestly sounds sad to hear in the end and Mrs.Mint looks confused as if father had said something wrong. I interrupt father after his cough and say,“Good morning Mrs.Mint,I am Maria and what my father formerly meant to say was that I will be taking his place for today and tomorrow and I will be filling in for him.” Mrs.Mint had smiled at me brightly and gave me a hand shake she then handed me a clipboard with the delivery tasks that my father was usually assigned and a map to find my way through the building,my father stopped me in my tracks when he had said.”Just remember Mari do only one of the tasks on that list and pick one that sounds suitable for you, yes this is a big help you’re helping me and all but I care about you too so don't try and stress yourself out too,ok?” My Father had said seriously. “Yes Father, I will try to pick a task that is suited for my needs, I gave my Father a big hug and he had then let me walk off into the halls of the factory building.

I had got to the location fast, it had only took five minutes but instead it was not a factory it had been an office with Fathers first and last name on it, it reminded me of those cool movies with serious business men that have name tags on their coats to show their names. Anyways I had opened the dark wooden door and twisted the golden door knob. I had saw a purple robot, colors white, and gray, setting up a table nicely, the room had a wooden beautiful exterior, and the desk

Simpson 4

was in the right side of the room while the table the robot was setting up was in the middle of the room,black file holders had been everywhere and what caught my eyes most was the corkboard.I was on it including the whole family. It was a nice office and it looked very peaceful to work in.

The robot had greeted me with a smile on her digital face and had spoke in a robotic voice. “Hello there, you must be Maria, i've heard so much about you!” She had gleaned with happiness when she looked at me and she reminded me a little of Mrs.Mint. I smiled weakly. “Hello there,” I replied.

At first I thought father actually worked at the factory but i'm guessing he works for the factory instead, the robot tells me a little information about herself. “My name is Char, the factories delivery robot, I help your Father deliver boxes in areas he sometimes isn't aloud in, we work for the Amazon company as well but we mainly deliver robotic technology parts to people who need them for their own job, and no we do not look in the boxes only the factory staff may look through the boxes to put the parts in the box.” Char had stopped and continued. “And if you're wondering how I know you, your father has told me so much about you and even your picture on the board matches your human traits now.” Char had babled, I understood half of what she said but I heard most of it. Maybe Father really had thought of Char as a trustworthy friend.

Char had suggested that we should choose a task quickly mainly because if the task was big she said that I would have to take time really thinking if we should do it or not, mainly cause this was my first time doing this. Char had also said that I shouldn't forget to plug her up at a certain time or she would not operate right.

Simpson 5

I kept that thought in my head, Char and I then decided to go walk around the factory hallways to really get an idea of what task we should do. “We should really do the 8 - Tasks!” Char suggested, I thought about it and made an agreement with her i’m sure father would not mind me doing this.

We both headed back to the office. Mrs.Mint had informed me that she would be letting my father know that I would be staying here for a night in order to do the delivery tomorrow, now the task was very important I guess, she said that i'd be sleeping next to Char and said that I should operate her now. Well I thought i operated Char, until the next morning. Me and Char had been running late mainly cause I didn't operate Char right and I didnt set an alarm to wake up early, Mrs.Mint had told one of the factory staff to drop me and Char off at the street we’d be delivering on. Char was acting quiet and she hasn't even said good morning to me. The next thing we know as Im at the street is I couldn't deliver with char. A worker gave me a small Ipad that had a speaker on it and a camera that was located on every robots wrist. This meant that if there ever was an emergency I would be able to hear or save Char..somehow.

Char had walked up to the first door she would be delivering to as I saw on the camera. The door swung open and a old skinny slender happy man wanted that box and was prepared for it. “Thank you, Mrs.Robot.” The old man had said, when he reached for the box and tried taking it out of Chars hands slowly but something was wrong,Char hadn't let go of the box. The old man tried again and again and started getting frustrated. “I don't think I will be handing this over.” Char had said in a robotic voice.

Simpson 6

The man had been throwing swear words at Char and had been yelling loud, Char had stayed calm and repeated the statement over and over. I had took a shortcut across the neighborhood to locate Char on the Ipad as soon as I saw Char the old man had been on the phone with the police, I panicked and my heart had felt as if It would burst out. I ran even faster and as I saw Char I told Char to hand the box to me, the old man looked confused but then as char handed it I gave it straight back to the old man. I grabbed Char by her wrist and we ran at the same fast pace. Father and Mr.Mint were right maybe it wouldn't be such a long hot day if I didn't choose that challenge, but anyways what a day with robots, friends, and adventure